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    Picking travel insurance can be a very confusing part of planning your international trip. Is it worth the expense? Which insurance companies offer the best coverage?

    Getting some travel insurance is an extremely important part of planning a trip to foreign countries. Many regular health insurance companies don’t cover much (if anything) when you travel. This means you should purchase a dedicated travel insurance plan.

    Travel insurance plans can cover a mix of medical emergencies, accidents, theft of personal property, illness, and even trip cancellation or interruptions. It’s just a smart option if you want to travel safely these days.

    But the best part is, decent plans can cost only a few dollars a day.

    After 10-years of travel, I’ve had quite a few incidents happen on the road (Dengue Fever, a stolen camera, phone, etc.) So I never travel without insurance to protect me from these unexpected situations.

    My goal with this travel insurance guide is to help you narrow down the overwhelming choices out there — and pick some good travel insurance whether you’re traveling for 2-weeks or 6-months.

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